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The Story Behind Sorelle Photography

The Sorelle photographers have been photographing weddings under separate business names since 2000. They began partnering on weddings in 2007 with one of them "second shooting" for the other whenever possible. In 2012 Tammy and Amber collaborated on a DIY themed wedding in Tennesee. This wedding was a turning point for them - it was magical how the images came to life and the entire experience was... remarkable... for both the photography team and the wedding party. Sorelle Photography is special - sorelle means "sisters" in Italian and that's what you get when you hire them to photograph your wedding. Sisters who are a cohesive team - their collaboration is fascinating to watch and their clients love the experience of the wedding as much as the images that comprise their timeless custom story book.

The Photographers Amber & Tammy

 Tidbit about Amber through Tammy's eyes: Amber is made with fossil resin and becomes a beautiful gem just as "Amber" The Photographer; she is truly a “gem” in everyone's life she touches.
A Mother to three beautiful children, a wife, daughter, sister and to many others a friend. I have always looked up to Amber from the first day we met. I knew there was something special about her.
Amber actually photographed my own wedding in 2001...a long time ago. I remember feeling insecure with getting my wedding pictures taken. I was overweight and just didn’t feel beautiful.
Amber not only took my picture and made me feel pretty but when seeing them for the first time I felt beautiful. My wedding images were gorgeous. The angles she used, the lighting... I am so blessed to have had her by my side that day.
I thought her images were amazing back then but she loves to learn and grow every year and is always evolving as a photographer. Her images are filled with emotion and love. She is always up to date on the latest and greatest equipment. I am still drooling over her new D3S and of course the awesome Nikkor 70-200 2.8 lens.
She loves discussing photography with anyone and truly shows her passion for the art of photography. Amber inspires me every time I look at her images and I adore working with her. I am honored to call her my partner and am thankful for her talent and insight. Tidbit about Tammy through Amber's eyes: I had already written and posted a biography on Tammy, but then I read what she wrote about me. Wow. The stuff I wrote was not nearly... enough.
So, here's my more personal, less photography, less professional version of who Tammy is.
Tammy has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I have watched her grow as a photographer and I am constantly inspired by her.
One of my favorite things about Tammy is watching her interact with clients. She sits back quietly, listening to what they want and then she makes that happen. Her brain works quickly and she does whatever it takes to produce the exact image the client has created in their mind.
Tammy's smile lights up a room - truly. I find myself going out of my way to make her laugh because her warmth and joy envelopes everyone who hears it - it cracks me up when she laughs so loud she snorts.
Some words that came to me in describing Tammy:
Christian Thoughtful Talented Wife, Mother, Friend Beautiful Amazing
Tammy is a dear friend and I am so blessed that she married my brother and is now stuck with me. I couldn't ask for a better business partner and I'm thrilled to begin this new adventure with her.


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